Kit Kuksenok, PhD

Hi! I'm a Berlin-based researcher, coder, and artist.
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Since February 2018, I am a Senior R&D Engineer at jobpal Ltd. We build chatbots based on machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies. Our product automates the communication between employers and candidates. Clients include Airbus, Zalando, T-Systems, and others.

Research areas: Natural Language Processing / Machine Learning (NLP/ML), Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW), and Information Visualization (InfoVis).

Research topics: tools for Explainable AI and processes to improve NLP Data Quality in multi-stakeholder projects. Existing chatbot design guidelines include "transparency" as an important topic, but, in practice, why something does not work, and under what conditions, can puzzle designers and developers, not just end-users. I work on tools and processes for transparency in practice.

Most Recent Project: nex-cv Metric

Feel free to say hi at ConvAI @ ACL 2019 in Florence! Or see the workshop paper / associated code

Sociotechnical Systems Repair & Resilience

As a visual artist, I am interested in process- and storytelling-oriented visual art (e.g.: Lost Mail Redistribution Program, a monthly sci-fi narrative, running from 03.2018 until 02.2020). Since October 2016, I have also been a recurring cast member, voice actor, and occasional contributor to How We Manage Stuff, an educational audio drama on managing tech teams.

All my scholarship, art, writing, etc has orbited topics in sociotechnical systems, particularly repair work and resilience in such systems, informed by " appreciation of the real limits and fragility of the worlds we inhabit—natural, social, and technological... Attached to this... comes a second and more hopeful approach: namely, a deep wonder ... for the ongoing activities by which stability (such as it is) is maintained, the subtle arts of repair ... how sociotechnical forms and infrastructures, large and small, get not only broken but restored ... [We] are confronted above all by the remarkable resilience, creativity, and sheer magnitude of the work..." (Jackson, "Rethinking Repair").

" the subtle acts of care
by which order and meaning in complex sociotechnical systems
are maintained and transformed, human value is preserved and extended,
and the complicated work of fitting to the varied circumstances of
organizations, systems, and lives is accomplished (Jackson, ibid.)

...we humans are at
our best and most resilient
when we act from a place of love

(paraphrased from
adrienne maree brown
"emergent strategy")


Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Study of Software Production

Qualitative Study of Sociotechnical Systems

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